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A place for fans to discuss all things Christopher Reeve with a focus outside of Superman
Hello and welcome to Still Me - a community for all things Christopher Reeve EXCEPT for the Superman movies.

The founder and moderator is dj_intheuk who has been a lifelong fan of Christopher Reeve. Like most people I discovered the actor through Superman but the man himself also became a huge influence on my life, particularly after reading Reeve's autobiography Still Me after which this community is named. See below for more information on Reeve's work.

There are a number of Superman related communities on Livejournal - all well and good. It's nearly impossible, however, to find a place for discussion of Reeve's huge body of work outside of the Man of Steel, so reeve_stillme is the place to post discussion (meta or just plain fangirling), fanfiction, fanart, icons/graphics, pictures, quotes etc. This includes info/discussion on his work in theatre, writing, activism and speeches. You may post Superman related content only if it refers to an opinion/quote by Reeve himself (he often talked about the character), or refers to his role in Smallville. For the movies please post at reeveverse

The posting policy (no spamming, flaming, etc; just basic courtesy), place for asking questions, and banners for pimping can be found at the welcome post. NOTE: It is well known that Christopher Reeve was an advocate for the support of stem cell research and had stong opinions on the subject of disability. Such issues can often cause heated debate. Should such discussions take place in this community please respect eachothers' opinions. I will delete any posts I consider to be inappropriate or to be in bad taste.

Founder/Moderator: dj_intheuk
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